January 11th, 2018 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

In light of the recent uptick in flu cases, please see the bulletin below regarding treatment and post-exposure prophylaxis. Prior to prescribing to lower risk patients, we encourage you to weigh the benefit of a 12 – 24 hour reduction in symptoms with the risks of GI intolerance and potential for antiviral resistance. Stay healthy!…

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November 13th, 2017 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls is focused on the 2017-2018 influenza season. Prepared by Saloni Patel, PharmD, the Infectious Diseases PGY2 Pharmacy Resident at URMC, the newsletter details the available vaccine formulations and reviews information on Tamiflu, vaccination in older adults, high-dose vaccines, and vaccine immunity. As always, we are available for any medication-related questions…

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September 11th, 2017 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls provides a brief introduction to the new Clinical Pharmacy Team at AHP as well as an overview of the medications approved for long-term weight loss with risks/benefits and guidance as to when you might choose one over another. There is also a section addressing the incredible cost difference between certain…

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December 13th, 2016 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls is a new drug update bulletin that provides an overview of the soon-to-be released “generic” Lantus (Basaglar) as well as the newest option for basal insulin, Tresiba. It also includes a new column which provides quick tips for reducing out-of-pocket costs to patients with deductibles or donut holes.

December 8th, 2016 | Clinical ConnectionsNewsPharmacy Pearls

By Jineane Venci The number of patients subject to high out-of-pocket costs, either through donut holes or deductibles, is rapidly increasing. Here are some quick tips to reduce financial burden for patients requiring topical steroids: For super high potency ointments, gels, or lotions, prescribe generic betamethasone dipropionate over generic clobetasol propionate The cost per gram…

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October 7th, 2016 | Pharmacy Pearls

This edition of the Pharmacy Pearls newsletter provides an overview of major updates to the CDC/ACIP 2016-2017 recommendations for influenza vaccinations. In light of the newly available generic Tamiflu, it also reviews CDC recommendations for antiviral treatment and prophylaxis. This newsletter was prepared with the assistance of URMC PGY-2 Infectious Diseases resident, Veronica Zafonte, PharmD.

September 14th, 2016 | Pharmacy Pearls
May 31st, 2016 | Pharmacy Pearls

Welcome to the first installment of the Pharmacy Pearls newsletter. This edition discusses the evidence behind some recently raised concerns surrounding PPI use along with guidance for tapering to minimize rebound hypersecretion. We hope you find this useful in your daily practice. Suggestions or comments may be directed to Jineane Venci, clinical pharmacist at [email protected]

April 28th, 2016 | Pharmacy Pearls

AHP is pleased to announce that Jineane Venci, Pharm.D, BCACP has joined the network as the organization’s first clinical pharmacist. She is a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and completed residency training at Strong Memorial Hospital. Jineane currently serves as the clinical pharmacist for the UR Medicine Primary Care Network and…

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