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Change is here. Be a part of it.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act is a watershed moment, and employers, payers, hospitals and providers across the country are working toward changes that will achieve better patient outcomes while lowering costs. By coming together, we can share both the satisfaction and rewards of health care that simply works better.

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We’re better together.

The current fee-for-service system is going to change, with value-based arrangements that reward the achievement of quality and cost goals becoming more prevalent. But it will be challenging for providers to succeed in a value-based model without support from a clinically integrated network like AHP for population health management resources.

Doing nothing is not an option: ever-increasing costs for health care are unsustainable, and the pressure to reduce costs and improve quality is growing. Practicing in the ways that made you successful in the fee-for-service model will not work in the value-based model.

Join the network, and stay in control.

AHP will give primary care physicians access to contracts that reward you for the value you create. The network will provide the tools necessary to succeed in this new environment. With AHP’s data infrastructure, robust analytics and platform for clinical collaboration with hospitals and specialists, PCPs will be positioned for better outcomes at both the population and patient levels to manage chronic disease, keep patients out of the hospital and improve health.

AHP gives hospitals and doctors, PCPs and specialists, an equal voice in how the network is governed. By becoming part of AHP now, you will have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding organizational structure, best practices, value-based contracts and more.

Consider learning more about AHP today, and start to position your practice for the new landscape in health care.

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