2020 Measures

2021 Measures

Below are the 2020 priority metrics included under AHP’s value-based contracts. Our performance to these measures not only supports excellent clinical care and population health, but also contributes to our ability to earn gain sharing and return to you a portion of the value your efforts deliver to the health care delivery system.

You will notice that the list is notably shorter than years prior. These measures represent key tenets of primary care delivery and will allow us to focus our attention on optimizing our performance in these areas.

We have also included a Known Issues page which allows you to keep informed of changes as well as issues with Quality Measures and EMR data within Arcadia.

Adolescent Immunization (Combo #2)

Depression Screen/Follow-up

Imaging for Low Back Pain

Adult BMI Assessment

DM Eye Exam

Lead Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

DM HbA1c <8%

Well-Child (15 months, 6+)

Childhood Immunization (Combo #3)

DM Nephropathy

Well-Child (3-6 years)

Colorectal Cancer Screening

HTN Blood Pressure Control