2021 Quality Measures Now Available

2021 Quality Measures Now Available

March 31st, 2021 | Network News

AHP’s 2021 quality metrics will be made available in the Arcadia Analytics dashboard in the coming weeks, but can be viewed today on ahpnetwork.com. Click here to view the full list of measures for which the network is accountable under its 2021 value-based contracts.

When on the 2021 measure landing page, clicking on each measure title will bring users to a downloadable measure resource page that contains a comprehensive measure description, numerator and denominator qualifications, exclusions and percentile thresholds. For measures that were on the grid for 2020, the resource page will also show any changes to the measure from the prior year, including any increase or decrease to percentile thresholds.

Our success in quality performance as a network overall will determine future incentives, so please make sure that all members of your clinical team are aware of the measures and the 90th percentile goal. AHP’s Optimization Team is available to assist you and maximize your practice’s performance and rewards.

Interested in a consultation with the AHP Optimization Team? Contact Elizabeth Sharp, Director of Performance Optimization.