Arcadia Connection: Measure Definitions and Security Reminder

Arcadia Connection: Measure Definitions and Security Reminder

July 31st, 2019 | Arcadia Connections

The Arcadia Connection is a recurring feature in Network News that keeps you up to date with news about the Arcadia Analytics Dashboard and connects you with information about workflow improvements and best practices that improve measure performance. This issue of Arcadia Connection includes news about changes to Arcadia measure definitions and an important security update.

Measure Definitions
Each spring the Arcadia Analytics dashboard is updated with measures and benchmarks for the new contract year. Measure performance can appear to be impacted by the update, particularly when a measure’s percentile threshold increases dramatically. In that instance, the same performance that placed a practice in the 90th percentile for the measure in one year would not be sufficient to achieve that percentile in the following year.

This year the update included more significant changes to the underlying configuration of Arcadia and the way patients are evaluated against each measure and gap closure. This has caused additional changes in the performance both positively and negatively. AHP is working closely with both Arcadia Analytics and Excellus to evaluate the impact and addressing issues as quickly as possible.

An Arcadia upgrade will occur between 8/2 6:00pm – 8/5 8:00am which will fix “Child Pharyngitis Testing”. If you have any questions about your performance or specific patients, please send an email to AHP IT Help. Cristy Houde and Elizabeth Sharp can work with you to answer questions and implement corrections when needed.

Security Reminder
Please remember to not email unsecured patient PHI. If you need to send PHI to AHP and do not have a method for sending secure email, ask us to send you a secure email that you can use to respond with patient examples.