Behavioral Health Partners Offers Access and Special Benefits to UR Employees

Behavioral Health Partners Offers Access and Special Benefits to UR Employees

June 7th, 2018 | Clinical ConnectionsNews

Do you have a patient covered by the UR Employee Health Plan that may be in need of a mental health referral? Eligible employees and their dependents over the age of eighteen have access to Behavioral Health Partners’ (BHP) services to address depression, anxiety, and stress. BHP therapists work collaboratively with referring physicians throughout a patient’s course of treatment, and new patients are typically scheduled within two weeks.
BHP offers a full range of services, including:

• Individual counseling and psychotherapy with experienced mental health professionals
• Medication consultation and treatment with a psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist
• Care Management services to support treatment goals

PCPs and specialists are encouraged to take advantage of the comprehensive services offered through BHP for their UR employee patients, and may use any of these options to refer:

• URMFG providers may refer directly through e-Record (SMH BH Partners)
• Ask your patient to call BHP directly to schedule an appointment: (585) 276-6900

The cost of services at BHP varies depending on the health plan a client is enrolled in:

YOUR PPO Plan: Clients enrolled in the YOUR PPO Plan will have no out-of-pocket cost for services at BHP. Services received through BHP are not subject to the $20 co-pay per visit. If you are enrolled in the PPO Plan, no claims will be processed through your Health Care Plan.

YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan: Clients enrolled in the YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan will be responsible for an out-of-pocket fee until their annual deductible is met. Federal regulations require that HSA-eligible plan members pay the allowable cost of all covered medical and pharmacy benefits until they have met their deductible for the year. Charges vary depending on the type of visit. To obtain information regarding the cost of services or procedures, patients may call the BHP Care Manager (275-7625).

If you have any questions about BHP or would like more information for referrals in your practice, please contact the BHP Care Manager at 275-7625.