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Daily Return to School Information Summary

February 15, 2022: No Updates

Highlights of the updated Return to Play protocol:

  1. Continued focus on encouraging healthcare assessments for children ages 5 and up who have experienced moderate or severe symptoms with COVID-19 infection, and guided return to play particularly for those youth 12 and older in competitive, high-intensity sports.
  2. Clarification that the healthcare assessment and guided return to play can occur earlier after a minimum of 5 days (when released from isolation with symptoms resolved and fever free).
  3. Revision to the gradual return to play after release that progresses over a shorter 3- to 5-day period.
  4. Clarification that there are no restrictions on return to play for children who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms and not engaged in competitive sports. These children can return to all activities as tolerated once released from isolation with symptoms resolved and fever-free for over 24 hours.
  5. The FL/WNY Return to Play Workgroup has revised the original assessment form. Intended to be completed by parents/caregivers, the new Self-Assessment Checklist allows for ready identification of those children and teens who should be seen for a healthcare assessment prior to return to exercise/sports.  If the answers provided on the checklist indicate that the student does not need an assessment and is ready to return to play, the same form can be utilized as an attestation to provide to the school.  We encourage this form be provided to families at the time of diagnosis.
    • Note: for athletes 12 and older with mild or no symptoms, families should complete the self-assessment and attestation form; if negative, healthcare assessment is not required and they may return with the AAP-recommended gradual 3-day progression.

Still in effect for Testing and Return to School: 

  1. The isolation period for COVID-positive students regardless of vaccination status is now five days.  Quarantine requirements differ based on vaccination status.  Click here for more info.
  2. Antigen tests performed where there is a limited-service lab license in place or a full-fledged lab (e.g., practice settings, schools, test centers and laboratories) are permitted for all return to school purposes. Antigen tests performed at home are not.
  3. Test to Stay only applies to asymptomatic, unvaccinated students exposed to an infectious individual while IN SCHOOL. Those exposed outside of school are not eligible.
  4. Individuals 12 years and older who are eligible for a booster but not boosted, and who have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19, cannot participate in extracurricular or after school activities and, aside from school attendance for instruction and bus travel, must adhere to a 5-day quarantine at home. See additional info here.

For additional resources, please visit the Golisano Children’s Hospital’s website.  

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The Finger Lakes/WNY COVID Pediatric Return to Play Workgroup recently convened to review the 9/9/2022 revisions to the Return to Sports and Physical Activity after COVID-19 Infection Interim Guidelines issued…

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Monroe County Algorithm for Isolation and Quarantine related to the shortened 5 day interval and changes to quarantine that was released January 6th.

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Based on the update sent January 5, 2022, from Dr. Mendoza and the Monroe County Department of Public Health last evening (see below), we have confirmed the following key points…

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Monroe County is modifying its Test to Stay (TTS) policy to align with new NYSDOH guidance (below) that narrows the pool of students who are eligible for TTS. Effective January…

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Monroe County will follow the Interim Updated Isolation & Quarantine Guidance issued Jan. 4, 2022 by the New York State Department of Public Health (below), which shortens Isolation and Quarantine…

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Click the link here to download a PDF of Sample Masking Tolerance Note for School.