COVID-19 Vaccination Across the AHP Network

COVID-19 Vaccination Across the AHP Network

April 27th, 2022 | NewsNetwork News

AHP is highlighting the efforts and experiences of some of the primary care offices in our network who are vaccinating against COVID-19 in the office, their lessons learned, and their views on the importance of in-office vaccination.

“[As a provider that was involved in early conversations about COVID-19 vaccination], this was almost historical for us. We were proud to be influencing alternative paths towards vaccinating not only our own patients but also protected and isolated populations of patients with limited access to institutional settings. AHP was very influential in the support we needed to push this process forward. [At the beginning] we had weekends dedicated to larger volume vaccination [efforts] such that there was no vaccine waste. We could practice uploading into NYSIIS and [communicating] what we knew about the vaccine and its side effects. That has now morphed into smaller volumes and clusters of patients that are immunocompromised…It was exciting to boost friends of patients…or young adults who were still in pediatric offices that preferred us to coordinate with their pediatricians as they wanted to be vaccinated with their parents. [Fitting vaccination] into the workflow was occasionally cumbersome…[however], as the population evolved, it has almost become second nature. Our patients love coming to the office…the conversations are easier, and they feel a part of an informed [decision] and community goal. There are some we will never be able to convince, but for everyone we can, it’s very much worth the process. My staff and I felt that vaccinating the community at large was a positive step that needed to be taken. This is a process, an ongoing education for all of us, but there is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from understanding that we influenced and can continue to influence [vaccination] progress even if it is at a small level.”

Dr. Charlene Connors, Zoneci Medical PLLC.

“The process of beginning COVID vaccine compared to other vaccines was similar…in that the information management from NYSIIS and the county set clear parameters for [handling] the vaccine. Education was provided, and we have competent and well-trained staff. Adding [COVID-19 vaccination] to [the] workflow was easy since we treated it like a flu clinic and followed most of the same procedures. Incorporating COVID-19 vaccination helped us meet the needs and wants of our patients. It has supported addressing a health issue in our community…AHP provided us with education and data that helped us feel like we should and could provide the vaccine [and provide] protection to our patient population. We think patients trust their primary care physicians and are used to getting vaccination in this trusted environment making it more likely patients would get vaccinated. We are proud to say we touched a lot of families and made it less stressful by providing this service in their trusted and regular well care environment.”

Monika Winkelman, Practice Manager, Penfield Pediatrics