Vatica- Safety Net Expansion

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Vatica- Safety Net Expansion

February 28th, 2022 | Network News

Beginning March 1st, the Vatica Health Well365Plus program is expanding to include a subset of high-risk Safety Net members. Excellus Health Plan mailed Process Improvement Addendums to participating providers at the beginning of February, detailing the expansion. If you are a provider that treats Safety Net members targeted by Vatica, you will have access to a Safety Net patient roster in the Well365Plus tool.

The Vatica program is designed to guide providers through a risk-coding exercise to accurately capture healthcare conditions for high-risk patients. Vatica is beneficial to patients and providers. Accurate condition coding can prevent gaps in care for patients while providers can earn an incentive for each qualifying Vatica visit they perform.

If you have questions about your current participation in Vatica, please contact Jill Galinski, Vatica Program Project Manager for Excellus.

If you are not currently contracted with Vatica and would like to learn more about the program, please email Jana Darlington.