Use CG-CAHPS Surveys to Improve Patient Experience

Use CG-CAHPS Surveys to Improve Patient Experience

October 31st, 2017 | Network NewsNews

In 2016 AHP began reporting patient experience metrics to payers with which the network is contracted. AHP chose Press Ganey Associates to conduct the CG-CAHPS survey at that time, and we have continued to partner with them on this quality metric. AHP has had great success in working with Press Ganey, and there are now over 50 practices sending files to Press Ganey on a monthly basis. A portion of the gainsharing incentives practices receive come from participating in Press Ganey surveys; however the insights into patient care are immeasurable.

The domains of the CG-CAHPS survey are:
• Getting Timely Appointments, Care, and Information
• How Well Providers Communicate With Patients
• Providers’ Use of Information to Coordinate Patient Care
• Helpful, Courteous, and Respectful Office Staff
• Patients’ Rating of the Provider

The feedback received from the surveys, which are sent via mail and email, can help guide business and clinical decision-making that better serves our network’s patients. For example, if patients indicate they do not spend enough time with their provider, the practice has the opportunity to look at how their clinic is designed and find areas of improvement for scheduling. In addition, scores can reflect how recent operational changes made to a practice have influenced patients’ experiences for the better. The benefits of Press Ganey survey reporting extend into the network by providing real-time feedback to practices to help develop short and long-term strategies for improving patient’s experiences in care. In addition to receiving important and timely feedback, AHP sends monthly $100 incentives to participating practices.

Practices can access their monthly survey results by logging on to Press Ganey’s Improvement Portal here. Need some expert advice to improve your scores? Contact Joe Gallion at Press Ganey for consulting support. For any other questions regarding Press Ganey access or processes, please contact AHP Physician Liaison Melissa Claybaugh.