Optimization Success: Dar Medical Associates

Optimization Success: Dar Medical Associates

December 14th, 2017 | Network NewsNews

A member of AHP’s Optimization Team – which focuses on improving network performance on Arcadia measures – Linda Franke, Certified Practice Facilitator, works with provider offices to identify opportunities for improvement and develop new processes and workflows to support that improvement. Among the practices achieving significant success in partnership with Linda is Dar Medical Associates, an internal medicine practice in Warsaw, New York.

Linda Franke began working with Dar Medical Associates in January of 2017. Their Arcadia scores presented opportunity for improvement, and after an initial assessment it appeared that that documents were being labeled in the electronic medical record in such a way that Arcadia could not pull them in even when testing was completed. Linda visited the practice once a week to work with practice staff to correct this for several months. New workflows were also set up to ensure that documents were labeled correctly moving forward. When this work was completed, new registries were run to find remaining gap lists and Marcy, their nurse, began contacting these patients to educate them on the importance of health screenings and to ensure appointments were made.

The practice continued to work on this project even after their engagement with Linda ended. Their efforts led to a 95% increase in diabetic nephrology screening, a 70% increase in diabetic A1c under 9.0, and a 61% increase in mammography. The practice’s overall Arcadia scores have increased by 50% as of November 15. Well done, Dar Medical Associates!

Interested in learning how the optimization team and Linda can help your practice improve quality scores? Contact Linda Franke.