Keep AHP Informed About Changes

Keep AHP Informed About Changes

February 27th, 2023 | Network News

Keeping AHP up-to-date about your practice’s information is extremely important, and we need your help. Whether it’s to help patients find the correct phone number for your office on AHP’s online directory or to ensure that claims process correctly for patients covered by a health plan that has AHP as the tier-one network.

Not sure if a change to your information should be reported to AHP? Consider this:  if the change needs to be reported to an insurance payer, then chances are AHP needs to know about it as well.

Among the changes requiring AHP notification are:

A provider (physician, CNM, NP, PA) joining or leaving your practice


Address, phone, or fax numbers

Medical staff affiliation

Medical malpractice coverage

Provider email address

Contact your Provider Relations Representative (Renée Sutton or Jana Darlington) with any updates.