Substance Use Treatment Facilities Affiliate with AHP

Substance Use Treatment Facilities Affiliate with AHP

March 6th, 2018 | Clinical Connections

In an effort to improve much needed access to substance use assessment and treatment and to be in a better position to respond to the opioid crisis in our region, AHP has recently enrolled four mental health & substance use treatment facilities as affiliate participants. This includes:

• Cattaraugus County Council on Addiction Recovery Services (CAReS)
• Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services (CARS)
• Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (ACASA)
• Loyola Recovery Foundation

These facilities offer a wide variety of services including:

• Outpatient mental health treatment
• Outpatient and inpatient substance abuse clinics
• Inpatient detox
• Recovery services
• Residential services
• Supportive living programs
• Prevention programs
• Medication-assisted therapy (MAT) for opioid dependence

The AHP Behavioral Health team is currently in the process of reaching out to several of our new affiliates to identify opportunities for collaboration and referral of patients in need of substance use and mental health services.

We are excited about this relationship and the promise of better care for our patients.