Update on AHP’s Inhaler Initiative

Update on AHP’s Inhaler Initiative

July 2nd, 2018 | Clinical ConnectionsNews

At Spring Clinical Grand Rounds, we introduced and encouraged preferential use of the new-to-market generic fluticasone/salmeterol inhaler, AirDuo. We are grateful for the feedback you offered and have 2 new key messages about this initiative:

1. Advair is the most expensive ICS/LABA inhaler but remains the highest prescribed in our network. Prescribing a lower cost product can be financially advantageous to both patients and the system.

2. Consider the use of either fluticasone/salmeterol RespiClick or Symbicort as “first line” in the ICS/LABA class. Generic AirDuo and Symbicort are the least expensive agents in the ICS/LABA class and one or both are generally covered on most insurance plans. Symbicort is supplied as an aerosol inhaler and has an FDA labeled indication for ages 6+.

*www.goodrx.com as of February 2018, cost may vary depending on individual insurance coverage, product manufacturer, pharmacy, strength and month supply