Why Should We Partner With AHP?

Partnership benefits your organization by helping you control company health care costs while improving your employees’ access to care—and the quality of care they receive.

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What are the health care issues that AHP addresses?

What are the health care issues that AHP addresses?
  • Skyrocketing medical costs and insurance premiums
  • Clinical protocols based on priorities other than evidence and outcomes
  • Lack of collaboration between primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals
  • Lack of accountability for quality of care and results

How does AHP help solve these problems?

  • We have eight high-quality hospitals across the region and nearly 2,000 providers, including the 1,000+ specialist physicians of the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • We create stronger relationships within the network that facilitate better communication and coordinated care
  • We promote accountability for quality patient care by rewarding doctors for preventive efforts that keep your employees healthy
  • We define procedures and processes for care that are evidence-based and informed by best practices
  • We give providers sophisticated data tools that help them stay on top of your employees’ health needs
  • We create customized reporting for employers, making it easy to keep your team healthy
  • We offer independent care managers to assess patient needs and help them achieve the best possible outcomes
How does AHP help solve these problems?

How does it work?

How does it work?
  • AHP isn’t an insurance company or health care plan. It’s an alliance of medical providers who are all affiliated with your plan’s third-party administrator (e.g., Excellus, MVP, etc.)
  • AHP will work with your company to understand the goals of your self-insured health plan and design customized approaches to your company’s—and your employees’—needs.
  • Some of those approaches include benefit design that incentivizes employees to keep their care in the AHP network, thereby increasing the health plan’s opportunity to realize cost savings achieved through better care coordination and clinical integration

Will AHP work with my employees directly to help them understand changes to their health plan?

We support your benefits professionals every step of the way. Whether it’s attending open enrollment information sessions or delivering informational presentations tailored to your employees, we’ll minimize disruption and maximize your employees’ satisfaction with your plan and with AHP.

From the helpful staff at our call center to customized content on our website, your employees will have easy access to the information they need to understand how AHP works with their benefit plan.

Will AHP work with my employees directly to help them understand changes to their health plan?

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