2020 Open Enrollment Begins

2020 Open Enrollment Begins

October 31st, 2019 | Network News

It’s that time of year, and the health plans contracted with AHP are kicking off open enrollment for 2020. Open enrollment periods vary, but by late November the University of Rochester, Highland Hospital and Thompson Health will have completed enrollment.
After attending an information session conducted by their plan, many health plan members call their providers to ensure that he/she participates with AHP. You can help your patients who are covered by the UR, Highland or Thompson plans keep their care with you and get the most out of their benefits by:

#1 Preparing your front-end team for health plan employee/patient questions
Make sure that the members of your team that are likely to receive those inquiries know about AHP and its role as the tier one network associated with these health benefit plans.

#2 Verifying your information on ahpnetwork.com
The provider directory on ahpnetwork.com is the number one resource for health plan members to find AHP providers. Referring providers will also be using the directory to help their patients see AHP specialists and benefit from the plan’s lower co-pay or coinsurance incentives. Click here to look your practice up on the web directory and email Renée Sutton at [email protected] with any corrections.

#3 Ensuring that patients covered by AHP contracted-plans are sent to in-network specialist, lab and imaging providers.
Some AHP providers use “ticklers” in their EMRs, others hang signs at the front desk or in the restrooms. Whatever the process, efforts to keep patient care within system benefits patients by minimizing their out-of-pocket expenses while supporting clinical integration within AHP.