Monkeypox Update

Monkeypox Update

August 31st, 2022 | NewsNetwork News

Testing: It was recently announced that monkeypox testing is now being resulted in-house at URMC Labs.  Specimen collection instructions have also been updated to specify that clinicians should swab two lesions for specimens, but should use only one swab per lesion.

The full collection instructions are as follows:

  1. Sanitize the patient’s skin with an alcohol wipe and allow skin to dry.
  2. Vigorously swab the lesion (from lesion base if present) with the sterile swab from a viral transport media (VTM) kit and place that swab in the VTM. It is not necessary to unroof lesions before swabbing.
  3. Repeat on a second lesion from the patient using a new VTM kit.
  4. Ensure the label on each tube includes: Patient Name, MRN, DOB, Specimen Collection Date, Specimen Source, and name of clinician who collected the sample.
  5. Place tubes into sealed zipper-locked bags and send to UR Laboratory.
  6. Specimens collected in viral transport media can also be tested for Varicella-Zoster Virus and/or Herpes Simplex Virus.
  7. Patients should be instructed to self-isolate at home until results are available. They generally do not need to be referred to the Emergency Department unless supportive care that cannot be provided in the outpatient setting is required, e.g., IV hydration.

Guidance for Tecovirimat (Tpoxx) Referrals

Providers who have a patient with a confirmed positive monkeypox test who meets eligibility criteria for tecovirimat can be referred to the Infectious Disease Clinic through Epic; specify “Treatment for monkeypox” in the text. Providers who do not use Epic can refer patients through the Access Center by calling 1-844-464-8762.