Imaging Services Impacted by Contrast Material Shortage

Imaging Services Impacted by Contrast Material Shortage

May 31st, 2022 | NewsNetwork News

AHP would like to make our network aware of a known shortage of Omnipaque, the CT contrast material most commonly used by U.S. hospitals. The shortage is caused by COVID-19-related lockdowns in Shanghai, China, delaying shipments from GE, the manufacturer. The shortage impacts some imaging centers and hospitals in the Finger Lakes Region and is expected to continue through June 2022. For specific messaging, please see below.

UR Medicine (SMH and Affiliates): In an effort to maintain an adequate supply of CT contrast material, IV contrast is not available for outpatient CT studies performed at UR Medicine radiology locations. IV contrast CT studies will continue for patients with acute-care needs in the emergency and inpatient settings to aid in diagnosis and treatment efforts. UR Medicine is encouraging providers to consider other types of imaging studies, such as MRI or ultrasound, to meet their patients’ needs. For questions, send an email or call 585-273-3400.

Borg & Ide Imaging: Borg & Ide is implementing contingency plans to provide continued service to patients in need of contrasted studies. Some exams, like CT chests, may not require contrast. Orders not requiring contrast should include “Contrast at Radiologist Discretion.” For questions, please call 585-241-6400.

While the shortage is expansive, not all centers are impacted. If you are unsure, please contact the planned referral location.