COVID-19 Vaccination Across the AHP Network

COVID-19 Vaccination Across the AHP Network

March 31st, 2022 | Network News

Over the next few issues of Network News, AHP will highlight the efforts and experiences of some of the primary care providers in our network who are vaccinating in the office, their lessons learned, and their views on the importance of in-office vaccination.


“The process [for vaccinating in the office] was more complicated than other vaccines, but then again, we have not had any really new vaccine types to implement before – only new combinations…Eventually we found a process that worked…

[Vaccinating in the office] is beneficial. We will decrease the incidence and morbidity/mortality of COVID-19. It was a no brainer to start vaccinating our patients as soon as it and boosters were approved. With our frequent face-to-face encounters with patients we know, I have been able to garnish their trust. For those that are vaccine hesitant, I typically am able to get them (both our patients and parents) vaccinated eventually.

Patients trust their primary care provider the most. We can help [sort through] all the misinformation that patients have heard.”

Dr. Douglas Bennett, Irondequoit Pediatrics


“[The process to provide COVID-19 vaccination in the office] is much different than other vaccines. But, once signed [up] the DOH and Monroe County Health Department help with next steps. We needed training on NYSIIS since there was no mandate for use prior to this.            We learned that having one staff to order, pick up, and work with DOH staff; using patient lists to keep track of patients; and using signage was useful. Also, no shows and waste of vaccine have to be acceptable.

[Incorporating COVID-19 vaccination] in the office is important because it adds options for those that distrust pharmacies. It was fun to adapt and add variety [to our services] and to know we can do this too. The challenge of vaccinating the community was ours to address. [Monroe County] needed help.”

Dr. Sandra Boehlert, Blossom Road Internal Medicine