Depression Screening Looking Up for 2023

Depression Screen/Follow-Up Measures

Depression Screening Looking Up for 2023

April 28th, 2023 | Network News

The Behavioral Health Integration Team (BHIT) welcomed their new Project Director, Cait (Fallone) Sharma, in January 2023. Since then, the team has been reviewing past screening data and is renewing its efforts to engage and strengthen practice participation in the depression screening initiative.

Increase in Depression Screenings and Practice Engagement

There has been a steady increase in depression screenings captured from practice EMRs from 26.1% to 56.5% since January 2021. This increase reflects AHP practices’ dedication to supporting their patients’ mental health. Additionally, more practices are engaging with the Behavioral Health Integration Team. The BHIT has contacted 24 practices to discuss their depression screening data found in the Provider Engagement Report (PER). Ten of those practices have met with the BHIT to discuss their needs and concerns regarding captured depression screening data and depression screening workflows.

The BHIT will focus on sustaining practice engagement, supporting PER depression screening data validation, and connecting practices with their behavioral health integration needs, including training and referrals to BHI providers.

AHP offers practices a number of resources to assist providers with meeting the behavioral health needs of their patients:

Request an E-Consultation: You can discuss patients with behavioral health concerns with the BHIT by emailing the team at [email protected]. A response should be expected within 24 to 48 hours of the request. Please do not send any PHI over an unsecured email.

Access Resources and Trainings: The Depression Screening Toolkit, Behavioral Health Pharmacy Pearls, and other behavioral health trainings and resources are available on the AHP website.

Connect with the BHIT: If you would like to connect with the BHIT team, reach out to Cait (Fallone) Sharma.