September 30th, 2019 | Network NewsPharmacy Pearls

With one in four patients reporting difficulty affording prescription medications, practice staff and clinicians are often engaged with patients faced with mediation access issues related to cost and affordability. The AHP Pharmacy team has created a tool for practices to use that includes an algorithm to identify strategies to help resolve cost issues by insurance…

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September 25th, 2019 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

Your AHP pharmacists would like to provide you with a follow-up to the pharmacy update released last week regarding ranitidine and NDMA. This past Monday, September 23, Sandoz Inc voluntarily recalled all generic ranitidine hydrochloride capsules (150mg and 300mg) in the U.S. at the consumer level due to the likely human carcinogen NDMA detected in…

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September 25th, 2019 | Pharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls gives an overview of the ACC/AHA Guideline on the Management of Heart Failure (HF) in adults. This guideline (last updated in 2013, with a focused update in 2017) focuses on evaluation and treatment of the HF patient (specifically for patients with reduced ejection fraction), as well as HF-associated comorbidities. The…

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August 28th, 2019 | Pharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls gives an overview of the recent updates made to the ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. This guideline (last updated in 2013) focuses on primary prevention in adults to reduce the risk of ASCVD (acute coronary syndromes, myocardial infarction, stable or unstable angina, arterial revascularization, stroke/transient ischemic…

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July 12th, 2019 | Pharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls reviews the available epinephrine injector options for the treatment of anaphylaxis. There are several devices available (both brand and generic), and the cost to patients can vary greatly. In addition to information regarding differences in the devices and an update on the nationwide shortage of brand EpiPen, the take away…

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June 24th, 2019 | Pharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls highlights the availability of several generic maintenance inhalers now on the market and how to ensure patients get the least expensive formulation at the pharmacy. The goal is to increase patient access to these inhalers, so we encourage the use of the generics whenever possible and Symbicort when the generics…

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May 9th, 2019 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

One of the 2019 AHP Pharmacy Team targets is to limit the use of Nasonex for allergic rhinitis given the availability of equally effective and far less expensive OTC products, such as fluticasone propionate. Given that allergy season is upon us, this Pharmacy Pearls presents a primer to the treatment of allergic rhinitis with information…

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March 12th, 2019 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

This month, we are releasing an AHP quality improvement initiative for ADHD in patients ≤21 years of age. Recognizing that ADHD is complicated in terms of diagnosis, the impact of comorbidities, and multiple available treatment options, we have chosen to initially focus on rates of pediatric ADHD diagnosis and network-wide prescribing patterns of stimulant medications…

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February 19th, 2019 | Clinical ConnectionsPharmacy Pearls

The AHP Pharmacy Task Force works to identify opportunities that will enhance the quality, safety and value of medication treatment for our patients. Recently, we identified a cohort of patients across the PCN on duplicate therapy for Type 2 Diabetes with a GLP-1 agonist (e.g., Victoza, Trulicity, Byetta, Bydureon) and a DPP-4 inhibitor (e.g., Januvia,…

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January 11th, 2019 | NewsPharmacy Pearls

This edition of Pharmacy Pearls reviews the new drug baloxavir (Xofluza) and its role in therapy compared to other oral antiviral agents for the treatment of influenza based on currently published data and CDC treatment recommendations.